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Jul 18, 2011 12:00pm EDT
commissioner resigned. this comes hours after a former news of the world" editor rebekah brooks was arrested and questioned about the alleged criminal activity. >> the detectives normally work monday through friday. it's unusual for someone be working on a sunday. there could be exceptions. >> prime minister david cameron has called for an emergency session of parliament. he will address lawmakers on wednesday and are looking into possible corruption in the police department. >>> casey anthony is free. her whereabouts unknown. she left an orlando jail early yesterday morning. abc news learned the crop tra plane that left the airport is registered to an attorney. her parents are not even sure where she is. >> she walked out with $500. she does not have a bank account or place to live. if she is relying on other people. we want to make sure that she is safe. >> she is received death threats since been found not guilty by the jury of murdering her daughter. she may be facing more lawsuits related to her daughter's disappearance and death. >>> from texas to michigan, people are making. the relie
Jul 20, 2011 12:00pm EDT
defended his friendship with rebecca brooks and his hiring of the former news of the world editor. >> as it turns out, and thndy colson would have led to the police. to go a report from parliament overnight says that murdoch's company deliberately tried to thwart a police investigation and the widespread phone hacking practices. agents have rounded up 14 people accused of launching a cyber attacks on pay paupay, include in one suspect in the district. agent serve dozens of search warrants. they're looking for evidence into court made in cyber attacks. the group attacked paypay, mastercard and the set. in california neighborhood got a soaking from an unusual source. -- a california neighborhood got a soaking from an unusual source. a carjacking suspect crashed into a water tower. firefighters spent two hours trying to shut off the ball. as water poured into nearby homes. some residents were stuck inside and afraid to come out until firefighters came to get them. the fisuspect was taken to the hospital and then arrested. >> we could use the right here in our area. >>> the worst is y
Jul 8, 2011 12:00pm EDT
liberties with a minor. he is the field hockey team coach at brook point high school. the freelance star reports he met the girl while working as a substitute and faces a maximum of 10 years in prison. coming up on abc 7 news at noon -- >> you're in labor, and there's nobody there. you're locked up? >> yes. >> giving birth at 14 years old all alone. stacey dugard's incredible story of survival. later today, go behind-the-scenes with the ladies of the "view" here >> here's a look at what's trending. a fan's deadly fall at a rangers game in texas and the incredible dust cloud that buried phoenix in its wake and the man arrested in the back of an adult store. you can see all these stories at still ahead we have diane sawyer live but first brian back with a final look at the weather coming up next. >> well, it is the stunning interview everybody is talking about. stacey dugard was kidnapped at 11 years old and held captive for 18 years. we will see her exclusive interview with diane sawyer. diane joins us live from new york. thank you for joining us. >> it's great to talk
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3